Sunday, November 2, 2014

Paint Schemes: Horus Heresy

Howdy, folks! Bob here with the first installment of my paint scheme articles. I wanted to start off with the first thing that was on my table and that happens to be some 30k goodness. Since I am in the very early stages of my collection so I have decided to lump all of my burgeoning Legions into one article given the fairly uniform nature of the color schemes. So if anyone has any questions or comments feel free to let me know!

Sons of Horus

Undercoat: Chaos Black spray 
Body: I used the recipie for the Sons of Horus green from the Forge World website as far as the mixture. I did not wash this to make it the much darker green that they have gone with for the Heresy era Sons. Here is a link to the paint scheme Forge World Legion Schemes.
Trim: Balthasar Gold
Wash: I did hit the nooks and crannies of the armour with Coelia Greenshade just to give some shadow effect. I really didn't do much to the Gold other than Agrax Earthshade and then cleaning it up with Balthasar Gold again.
Details: Mephiston Red for the eye lens. Gaps in the armour I painted with Leadbelcher and washed with Nuln Oil. Cabling and hoses I left black. Dawnstone for the "studs" on the armour where applicable.

Emperor's Children 

Undercoat: Chaos Black spray 
Body: Base coat with Naggaroth Night. Follow this with one to two layers of Xereus Purple to achieve even coverage.
Trim: Base layer Balthasar Gold. Wash with Agrax Earthshade. Layer of Sycorax Bronze to hit the raised areas, leaving the recessed areas darker.
Shoulder Pads: Base layer of Dawnstone. Layer(s) of Ulthuan Grey to achieve white. This is of course you want the shoulder pads a different color. I'll show how a white and purple one looks with decals on.
Details: I used the now(very) defunct Vile Green for the eye lens. Gaps in the armour are Leadbelcher with Nuln Oil wash. Pipes and cables are left black. Balthasar Gold for "studs" where applicable.    

Iron Warriors

Undercoat: Chaos Black spray 
Body: Leadbelcher
Trim: Balthasar Gold
Wash: Both body and Trim with Nuln Oil. It may be necessary to do two coats. Nuln Oil seems to be thinner than the older equivalent. You are wanting to achieve a dirty and dulled appearance to the armour. 
Details: Mephestion Red for the helmet eye lens. For the characteristic Iron Warriors chevrons, I used the now defunct Iyanden Darksun Foundation for the yellow. When I get the lines all cleaned up, I wash the yellow with Nuln Oil to mute the brightness. I left the hoses and gaps in the plating black. Balthasar Gold for "studs".


  1. So 30k collection clocks in @ 7 models. :-(

  2. The resin crack is far too addictive and expensive for its own good.

  3. Thanks for the scheme on the Emperor's Kids, I have been trying to figure out the exact color GW/Forgeworld has been using on them for some time now...

    1. Mine isn't exactly what they use I don't think. Mine is actually a little lighter purple.