Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Comments from the Peanut Gallery

Hello internets, I know it has been a while but hopefully you will take me back

I am going to spend this post adding my comments to Bob's post like the lazy sob I am.

As I have said before I have been out of the game for a while, so I didn't have the last high elf book, however like Bob my first army was the high elves, but I dont love them that much anymore. I dont know anything about the lore updates or changes, except it seems that they always get less and less with each version. However one thing I noticed that was interesting that I personally didnt know before was the implication of the Witch King causing division in the elves before he tried to walk through some fire. But anyway.

A few general points on the army list. Why take silver helms? for the cost the dragon princes are better and worth the 6pts increased cost imo. Then also I have trouble valiadating cav in this army. Elves are an army of balance, if you dont have it you probably wont win. You need to win every phase to win the game. Movement, yours guys are 5s vs everybody 4s. Magic, once again imo the elves get to much of a boost and should win this phase easy if you take a high level mage or 2 2s. Shooting, the elves should win this too with cheaper bolt throwers and new sisters. Combat, here there is so much goodness to be had i dont know what to choose. Because of how expensive the army is by the time I get what I like in the army it is already too big and cant win a fight. So because of points I have a difficult time justifying a dragon prince over a swordmaster, I could go into all types of numbers but i wont. So I have found myself with a completely infantry army because of how many good choices the elves have. The phoenixes are the main hanging point, i cant decide if i like them or not. Do i like them enough to drop a block of inf in an already small army? Will they do enough damage to justify the points or are they just the cannon magnets for this army. I cant decide but I am taking one, I am going with the fire one because of points, coming back to life (especially with a dead rider) and the model itself. The frost phoenix is the corniest looking model i have seen from gw. Those snow flakes made me say no. On other models: phoenix guard look awesome, griffons suck model wise (see empire squatting chicken if you need anymore proof) dont like dragon prince models, reminds me of blood knights from vampire counts, especially all in red as the are often depicted. Sisters look ok, shadow warriors I like the 'faceless' masks but overall the models make me a little uncomfortable. white lions look pretty cool but i never fielded them so i dont have an expert opinion on them. Still dont like the dragon launching off the rock look. and I will go ahead and say i really dont like any aspect of the skycutters, enough said there.

I will say I am surprized they didnt add any monsterous cav, and i can here you over the bandwidth NO i didnt read much of the rumor mill so i was expecting gw to remain to form and give the high elves some questionable new unit of heavy cav. my money was on white lions on big ass white lions or dragon princes on drakes/small dragons. I can also say i am extremely surprized in the number of magic items they have. more than 6 woohooo. it actually takes the 3 pages to get them all on there, and if you count the everqueen options that another 1/4 of a page or about how much other armies have.

Further on the sea helm, first off stupid name you already have SILVER HELMS no need to get confusing, and the only reason to take this way over priced model, worse than noble but more expensive, is for the reform as Bob mentioned but if you are taking him for that you are taking him because you are planning on getting charged in the flank or rear, so taking him for me equals planning to fail. annointed of assuryan only reason to take is for the phoenix and the +1 on coming back to life. loremaster is way to expensive to use in combat, and is too good at combat to sit back and cast spells. so for plus 45 pts you can buy a worse mage, or for plus 90pts you can buy a worse fighter. you can equip your prince with a great weapon heavy armor and a 15pt talisman and have a better fighter for 60ish points less. so a no to the loremaster. handmaiden yes, stick her in the sisters unit stick them on an edge and have them shoot up all the small units trying to flank you, and against the bad guys the -2 to armor is nothing to sneeze at. enough to take a +1 to +3 armor, and failing on a 1 AND a 2 is a lot better than just a 1.

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