Thursday, May 5, 2016

Warhammer: Total War Update

So the original release date, April 28th, has come and gone and we have nothing to show for it. While we knew about the delay I always held onto hope that they would release a beta/something for those who preordered. Instead we have had to deal with more videos by guys who can't play the  game.

including this one I actually haven't watched at the time I typed this up.

They have been doing a couple different types of movies.

The Slayers Guide offers a perspective on some of the monstrous creatures out there

And they have even started getting the community involved vs devs. but again no one seems to know what they are doing (who brings trebuchets as the DEFENDER in a siege?)

And then of course they have been doing more set piece battles.

And lastly they have started doing "challenges" for each other, which I actually like. But again these people largely don't know how to play their own game. I admit it might be scripted just to show off some things, but come on. Also I am a big fan of the undead puns.

Plenty of other videos out there. also some commentary from fans and other blog runners. Some offer good insight and give good screen shots of unit stats, I still am curious to see some side by side stats, but others reviewers have voices fit for a brick to the face and a silent movie role.

Overall thoughts continue to be positive, after some of the early misgivings I had from videos and releases, seeing more and more come out has definitely put me back on the  happy side for this game. I have loved seeing the unit rosters expand and be fleshed out. The sieges have been great, protecting a quarter of the city doesn't bother me and I am interested in seeing how settlements defenses level.

I have been real happy seeing everything they are putting into the Bretonians as an unplayable race. Probably the first real dlc imo. I don't count chaos, yeah yeah yeah BS rabble rabble rabble, get over it.

I couldn't find it in a quick search, too lazy for more, but there was an awesome video breaking down the AI's thought process in sieges. In the video they go over how different blocks of units are assigned different roles within a subset (attack gates, attack walls, break down walls) which was amazing to see. Hopefully some of that carries over into the normal battles as well. would love to see some ranged enemies taking advantage of hills, or the enemy actually holding a choke point and not just an automatic engaged everything with everything mode. Hopefully this really evolves the battlefield. I am looking forward to the challenge as I usually play the battles with difficulty all the way up to have a little bit of back and forth. so if we start seeing strategy, unlike that ork vs bretonia video, I will be extremely happy with this game.

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