Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Army History

Like most long time hobbyist I have several armies, High Elves, Dwarves, Skaven, Lizardmen, Tomb Kings and Chaos, in that order. It may seem random but there was some logic behind it.

High Elves were the cool, disciplined, recognizable army when first picking a choice. I liked how much ranged attacks they had. And it was one of the first armies I played as using Bob's army. This was back in 2002.  Well problem with this army is that they die way too fast. Somewhere around 2000pts

Only painting I have got done.

So, Dwarves were next. Dwarves were tankier than elves but still had good ranged choices. problem was I didn't have enough of them, and at the time a lot of the unit choices, and the whole army really, sucked. This was probably 2004. Around 4000pts

Most of the main painting done, just got to do the final washes

Skaven were the answer. Lots of models, monsters for the first time, they were also my first "bad guy" army. ok 4 boxes of clanrats and only 2 units later, they're are too many skaven. This was probably 2005. Only thing I have added since is when I bought the rats from one of the starting kits from Bob. Around 1500pts

if any one can pick it up, I have washed the horns, pretty happy with the result

Lizards. Easily my favorite army. Back to the good guys, lots of attacks, can take a hit, cool monsters, lots of magic. These guys were my army until 2007 when I briefly dabbled with.
Around 4500pts

Started with Bleached Bone, then a light wash of a dark brown. then another wash of light brown. then hit the ends of the horns with some dry brushed Skull White and a final wash, while the first was still drying.

Tomb Kings. Similar to Lizards, some good hitty units, monsters, great characters, chance to raise your dead. But again too much of a horde army. This army died very soon after it started. 2007
Around 1000pts, most of that not a legal army

several layers of light washes brought out the details, and helped blend in the Skull White that I thought was going to be too bright.

Fast Forward to 2014. Chaos arrive. Local GW store was having a "Warlord" tournament for the new chaos book. Decided this was a great way to start an army. Got a decent sized army, and decided this was going to be my best painted army, so it is coming along very slowly.
between 1000-1500pts

That's what I gotten done with a busy work schedule. Not much time for anything. Might get some more painting done here in a couple months. I still have a couple boxes of guardsmen I got to put together.


  1. Wow you really love to jump armies. I have orks, and SM, now moving to tau, but will probably sell off my marines first :)

    1. Both John and I have jumped armies (and continue to lol). Out of curiosity, why are you selling your Marines?

    2. I am unhappy with my paintjob on them, and their current playstyle. So I'd need to strip them and start over (which I hate doing), or just swap armies :)

    3. Ah, gotcha! Can't say I blame you. I'm always curious why people decide to sell armies. Good luck with your new Tau! They appear to be getting some shiny new toys.

    4. Ya it's not really selling the army so much as, selling the models because I don't like stripping things. They'll probably be repurchased in some form or another in the future!

  2. Yeah. I also get bored with a paint scheme and then decide to move on. I should have also mentioned the major colors for each.

    Elves:Blood Red
    Dwarves:Half SkyBlue half Dark Angels Green
    Skaven: Scab Red- was doing Clan Mors and Queek
    Lizards: Red body, black scales
    Tomb Kings: Blue
    Chaos: Blue as well but with a lot more variation.

  3. and this doesn't include my IG army. but since I haven't done any gaming with them they don't feel the same as the others.