Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Support Squad, 132nd Myrmidons

a few good men
So not much going on with me, work is a bitch its all i can do is get myself home and drink a beer. Not much time for painting or doing much and money has been tighter. But i bought some more guardsmen, you can never have enough cannon fodder.

Grenade Launcher
So the main idea behind this squad was support. adds another option for my small but budding army. So i equipped as many heavy weapons as i had. 2 grenade launchers, 2 plasma guns, 2 snipers and a sergeant with plasma pistol and power fist.

I see a lot of 1s in these model's future

So got them greyed up a bit. Not much to look at but they aren't expected to do much. One of the other ideas was just to have another option beyond the flamers my other inf squads are rocking at the moment. A bit of a mix and max unit.

lots of doubles in this unit
I had thought about saving the camo cloaks for my HQ choice but i thought gathering the pieces would take too much time, and figured i would be buying some more anyway so it shouldn't put me too far behind. I don't have plans for more expansion at the moment, i have to wait for my money situation to level out. But I definitely need some more tanks, thinking about buying some scions to bastardize a bit.

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