Thursday, January 30, 2014

Weekend of February 1

Hey folks,

Just a quick update for today. This weekend (weather permitting) I will be over at my local Hobby Town for some Saturday night gaming. In addition to 40K I am hoping to try out Warmachine. I purchased a Cygnar battle group to try out. I will get an article out on the weekend's gaming goodness. Also this weekend heralds the release of the new White Dwarf Weekly and Warhammer Visions magazines. I am reserving judgement on this new direction for the publications as well as the new weekly release schedule. I will hopefully be purchasing both magazines this weekend so I will give my impressions on both new publications in the near future. With the Dwarfs coming soon maybe John can muster up the gumption and do a review for the new book. So long for now and happy gaming, folks!


  1. Bleh, the warmahorde menace spreads...


    Early reviews of the GW mags are starting to filter out. SOunds like go with the little WD & skip the visions as its a picture book full of recycled photos...

    1. That is what I have been seeing as well. If true it pisses me off that my subscription will be transferred to Visions.

    2. Yay! We have every warmachine faction save cryx now (thank god for that the cheesy bastards).

    3. I thought Rob had those?

      I would give bob shit about having the Ultramarine equivalent in WM, but I used to have Cygnar as

    4. No, rob has protectorate. Cryx are those undead dragon bastards who have some of the meanest and best warcasters in the entire game and some of the best spammable units around. Hell, so dude at the warmachine tournament has already said he is bringing cryx bane knight spam