Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Painters block

So I was in a bit of a hobby slump so I had to get creative on how to get out of it. So after being all inspired with chaos and getting in to the shop to game with people, i got busy and couldnt game anymore and i am saving my monies for a nice new comp rig so no new models so I wasnt inspired anymore. I wasnt painting, i wasnt working on army builds, i wasnt drawing or reading any BL books I wasnt doing anything GW related, I wasnt even posting to you good readers.

Well I moved into a new apartment, really effing close to GW atlanta. so i decided to inspire myself.
almost everything
And before you ask, yes I did, new place plenty of room, no roommate, girlfriend or mom to make this awkward so i went for it. and you know what it worked.

My favorite part of warhammer has always been being the field general and just setting up my troops in formations. So here I took every army I have and almost every model i have and put it out there, so this is a conglomeration of high elves, dwarves, skaven, lizardmen, tomb kings and chaos warriors. So i deployed these as one big ass army, i would say around 10k points, probably more. all the cav on one flank, all the monsters on the other. skirmishers in the front, heavies behind, solid blocks behind and big blocks in the rear, with missles and heavy weapons generally on the flanks with characters scattered around. yes yes yes this would not be a good strategy for a gw battle but i like it because of the idea that this is how an army would fight if this stuff was real. I am a bit light on cav and missiles.

so this is almost everything, i have the old imrik on dragon model somewhere, some saurus cav also mia, an ushabti, tomb scropion, and a salamander that need to be made, plus a few other odds and ends that were too broke to make it on the field. But i enjoyed the exercise, it really allowed me to review my forces, and notice what i need to buy, some armies are character heavy or lite, others are combat heavy others are basically only multiwound. But it worked this got me at least momentarily inspired. I had a few boxes laying around i hadnt built, which is highly highly unusual for me, built 16 marauders and 14 skinks in a few hours(pictures dont have these new guys), went through and clipped the bits from the boxes i have bought the last couple months; and i also repaired a lot of my casualties from travel over the years, so overall i think this was good for me.

if anybody wants I will kinda go through everything i have here, not points but just listing, here is what made it in this row, and why i put this unit with this group and not another. I will make it a post, maybe start with general of list of what is where, then make a posting on each "area" of my army and the whys associated. I know the blog is a bit weak right now, but I dont have internet at my apt so i cant post there, and bob has wandered over to france for a while. so just let me know if anybody wants to know more on my overall collection. and also i really want to play a "empty ALL the boxes" battle. like i said new apartment so i can do whateva i want, maybe bob and i will duke it out before he heads back for his 12th or something year of college (a bit of an exaggeration but he is getting kinda van Wilder).


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  2. I can imagine your new neighbors glancing in the window as they walk by and thinking 'what the hell??'

    It sounds like Bob needs to move to Orlando so he can go to UCF (known locally as: U Can't Finish!), lol.

  3. Hey man I finish this year. Besides that the real world sucks and I won't be able to get partially funded trips to France. Speaking of which I checked out the GW in Clermont Ferrand and it was pretty cool. I'll do an article about it and some of the hobby shops in Paris when I get back state side.

  4. I was thinking about it Bob, i think i would pretty well outnumber you in a clear the box battle. especially if you dont take your dads orks. the thought kinda blew my mind. you only have empire, high and dark elves right?

    1. Yeah I think you might. It may be closer than you think though. I'll have to lay all my stuff out and see how it compares.