Tuesday, October 30, 2012

TREES!!!!! part1

 Ok i love the game of warhammer and have been playing for more than ten years. i have a sizable collection of models, most of my experience in battles has come against Bob. while the battles are fun there have always been things lacking namely terrain. why? because i prefer spending money on models not stuff. so i make my own. i recently graduated architecture school, its a bitch don't do it, and had a ton of modeling supplies left over, all balsa wood.
so to start; forests. first of course you need a base, make it what ever size you want.for the trees i took square dowels and roughly cut the corners off them, this makes them roundish and gives them a more natural look that a plain circular dowel. then i cut the bases of several trees at angles to make them more natural looking. then a little sobo glue, or elmers, and wahlah! trees. the heights need to vary, but not much taller than 4 inches, they have a tendency to break or get debased if much taller. size of the dowels ranged from 1/2 to 1/8. a sheet of 1/8 serves as the base. glue trees at irregular intervals, leave enough space for skirmish units to squeeze through. leave bases small so you can mix and match to make forest as big or small as needed, makes transport easier too.

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