Thursday, April 9, 2015

Warhammer Total War Freak Out Part Deux

So again the rumors of this being real have started circulating and with the completion of Attila Total War (kinda meh btw) they should be able to focus on W:TW. So accordingly both Bob and I are both

So of course the main thing we want to see is this NOT set in the End of Times lore, but whatever the last one was, 8. Personally I would like to see it as kinda the boss battle at the end of the 200 turns, after you have won or loss, Bob doesn't want anything to do with it. 

Seeing as how Total War has gone more and more the direction of Factions I thought of how this could be a cool way to personalize some of the factions in W:TW. For instance as the Dwarf player you can align with one of the Guilds that gives you a boost and maybe access to a unique unit. Empire gets a choice of Knight Chapters, Orks & Gobbos you get Tribes (Yellow Suns etc)
I also still want to see an ability to 'grow' your regions. 

So going back to Rome 2 there are Regions which have 2-4 provinces each, with 1 major city. Keep that same structure but add in another tier of villages down bellow which can't produce units but offer some kind of unique benefit (more farms, lumber, mining, shrine, fort etc). these can't be conquered or held but are affected by things affecting the province, food shortage, plague, invasion to the point where they could disappear. I think this would really help show how fluid the Warhammer World is.

Also with the Total Wars releasing a bare minimum of races so they can sell you the others later as DLCs I feel they will do the same here.
Original Release: Empire, Bretonia, Dwarves, Orcs and/or Gobbos, Chaos and maybe Beasts and Skaven:really just the Old World Races and map
Elves DLC: High Elves with some colonies, Dark Elves and wood elves 
New World: Lizards with maybe some colonies for other races (empire, elves and vamps?)
Undead DLC: Vamps and Tomb Kings, 
Misc DLC: Ogres and maybe the races that don't get DLCed before. (lizards maybe)
I think each DLC will be worth it because it will require an expansion of the map, and pretty significant each time.

I think I covered this before but I think there will be/should be another "realm" of underground, with limited access points home to Dwarves, Skaven and Gobbos. not sure how I want it to work but can't wait to see something. I am thinking a few settlements grouped together with a lot of uncontrollable area in between. 

I see characters acting a lot like agents, attachable to armies with limited battlefield role, but very helpful on the campaign map, maybe certain ones give you One Off/Limited Number of special battlefield abilities. so obviously each race would have different types of agents. I see five basic types: Combat Leaders, Mages, Agents/Assassins, Engineers and Monsters. 

btw: the pics are an assortment of Bob's and mine armies, i forgot my Skaven for whatever reason.
John: Tomb Kings, Chaos, Lizards and Dwarves (and invisible Skaven and High Elves)
Bob: Bretonia, Empire, Beastmen (kinda),High Elves and Dark Elves (his dad has a few orks as well)

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Skitarii Test Model

Hey folks,

Bob here with a very brief update today. Like a lot folks the Skitarri (and mechanicum for that matter) has been a faction I have wanted to see on the tabletop for a long time. With the new Codex and model release I have of course started a Skitarii force. I managed to pick up a box of the Vanguard/Rangers and one of the Ironstriders/Dragoon walkers. I decided to build the infantry as a Vanguard Squad and I even managed to paint up a test model in between research obligations. When the Codex itself drops and the rest of the models are released I will try and get a review up for them and share my thoughts on the look of the Skitarii (hint: they aren't what I imagined from the descriptions I have read). John has been working on a Warhammer Total War article that I will throw my thoughts in as well. In the meantime take a gander at my first Vanguard model.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

132nd Update

Added a few units to the army. 1 squad of Guardsmen (Militarumen?) 1 command squad, and 5 Veterans (more on them later)


decided my veterans needed some heavy armor. so Scion body and legs meet guardsmen arms and head. If anyone has bothered remembering my models they might remember my paint scheme. The veterans have it backwards. Darker fatigues lighter armor, and MOAR ORANGE! (its the offseason deal with it)

right now in my army these guys are fullfilling the role of Command Squad, and so the five guys make sense, for now. 3 with lasguns, 1 grenade launcher, and the Vox operator with chainsword. when i finish the unit out there will be an actual sergeant, and will either add a melta gun, plasma gun or a flamer of some sorts.

Heavy Weapons squad. had some left over paint on my brush so started attacking these guys as well. This pic shows the gun painted in gray as well, however i decided to not continue that with the others. so black gun, metal bits, but the shield is painted gray (AND ORANGE!)
so this is what i have done since i last checked in. not much but that is life right now. Next on my list of 'wants' is another box of guardsmen and scions to finish the vets, a command squad (I want to use the cloaks in the scion box for all these guys) and maybe another Russ. after that i need some hydras, some sentinels and maybe another Russ or 20. but that may not happen until my birthday, in June, so we will see what happens.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Checking In (warning a lot of text no pictures)

So I suck, lets get that out of the way. Reasons I suck.

1. Forgot my gmail password and so I couldn't log on
2. Took me several months to figure the old one out (couldn't change any of the settings without said password)
3. Haven't posted in forever
4. Haven't done anything hobby related in months (gaming)
5. Work is kicking my ass and right now devoting time to painting is too much like work.
6. I have a big trip to Germany coming up so I have no money to spend.
7. Since the new year i have had 1 weekend when i stayed relatively close to home without major events going on.

My boss at work decided i needed more responsibilities without telling me what they are or explaining wtf I am supposed to be doing so work is stressful but 'good for my career'.

I have two articles planned atm. One will be a 'whats on my desk' 132nd focused (they grew slightly over Christmas) and the second will be an update to things that i want for Warhammer Total War (WTW) which i will try to get Bob to weigh in on.

on a few hobby related notes. I don't like the direction fantasy is headed and agree with pretty much everything Bob has said. Two what is with GW making models that have the tiniest connection to the base? (Bloodthrister I am looking at you). 3. for any of the Steam freaks out there check out Mordheim (based on the tabletop game) it is pre-release early access right now but still fun. I think it will be worth the 30 bucks when i comes out full blown.

anyway back to my work dungeon. peace.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Bolt Action Test Models and Deathwatch Showcase

Greetings, folks! Bob here with a brief hobby related update. A substantial winter storm recently moved through the South East and smote us with snow and ice shutting down my little corner of the world for the better part of a week. I managed to finally get around to painting a test model for my Germans and Americans for Bolt Action. I also got some good WIP shots from my friend Scott who I got those Cataphractii from a while back. He was looking for bitz to get a Deathwatch force going and I was able to get him well on his way via a rummage through the old bitz bag. Give his models a look. They are more than a little kick ass!

German Heer Early War

American Airborne Mid to Late War

Scott's Deathwatch WIP

Monday, February 16, 2015

Bolt Action battle No.2 and what I have been painting.

Howdy, folks!

This past Friday I got to get my second game of Bolt Action in. I decided to take my American Airborne force this time for another 500 point match. Check out Da Masta Cheef's blog for a battle report.

So what are my thoughts on a Paratrooper only army? Well, to start off let me say that rolling fairly shittily again did indeed factor into my thoughts on the force I fielded. I was outnumbered practically 2:1 (as Airborne should be), but my dice allowed me none of the heroics of 101st or 82nd. The very clear advantages of fielding a all veteran force is the high leadership (10) and the 5+ required to wound them. The very clear disadvantage is the possibility of being heavily outnumbered. I think the main issue I had in fielding this formation was not being aggressive enough. I also probably should not have taken 2 almost full squads. Fire teams would have been a better option in hindsight. Just some things to think about for the next go around. I am really enjoying Bolt Action so far though. I can't wait to get some more games in!

Now for the second part of this post. While things have been fairly hectic lately, I have somehow managed to finish a few models. I recently got 3 Death Guard Grave Warden terminators through trade, and in a fit of productivity I managed to clean off the Death Guard iconography and get them painted up as part of my growing Iron Warriors.

I also finally finished up the Empire Greatswords I had been working on.

And here is a random Halberdier I decided to paint up on a whim.

Cheers folks and happy gaming!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Getting in to Bolt Action

Howdy, folks!

Bob here with my first thoughts on the gaming system Bolt Action from Warlord Games. The company includes a slew of ex-GW folks from what I consider the "good old days" and their miniatures are of pretty good quality. They also have rule sets for other historical periods including Biblical, Classical Greece, Roman Empire, Dark and Middle Ages, as well as Pike and Shot and the Victorian Era. Go check their website out through the above link!

 Just to give a brief run down, Bolt Action is primarily centered around 28mm platoon sized actions during the Second World War. Infantry and infantry support (machine guns, mortars, artillery, etc) are the primary focus of the action with armour relegated to a supporting role of one Tank or SPG (Self Propelled Gun) per side. Transports and scout vehicles are a more common site on the battlefield, however. Many of the major and minor combatants of the war are represented with models and rules with multiple formations available through faction suppliments. For example, the US has access to regular army units, airborne, and Marines with unique rules and stats for each. Game play follows a random activation order for unit (a marker is chosen at random for a bag or cup) rather than a "you go, I go" system like 40k. While inflicting casualties is of course an important part of the game, the real focus is accruing pin markers on units. Pin markers represent the volume of incoming fire a unit is taking. Each pin marker on a unit lowers the base leadership of the unit resulting in the unit being required to take moral and leadership checks on a reduced value. This reduces the chances for a unit to successfully perform their assigned action.

I recently got to play my first  game with Da Masta Cheef ( check out the battle report ) at the FLGS. It just happened to be the first game ever for both of us. We agreed to a 500 point game (one of the standard point limits) and rolled for a random scenario. I used my early war Blitzkrieg German force and he used a British Home Guard army list (in this case represented by humanoid aardvarks). My first impressions of the game were extremely positive. The random activation order provided a tactical challenge as did the ever changing pin markers on units. We also learned that forward artillery and air observers can be incredibly deadly for both damage and weighing units down with pin markers. Da Cheef has a full battle report on his blog so hit the link above to check it out. My only comment on the whole game is a resounding "fuck you" to my bastard dice.

So what are my goals for this game? I plan on doing an Early War German army force of mechanized infantry with a tank (Panzer III or IV) for support as well as a Mid to Late War American Airborne force based around the famous 101st Airborne Division (I like Band of Brothers, so sue me for lack of originality). Eventually, depending on what the interest level proves to be at the local shop I may also add a Early War French Army force. Right now I around 500 to 600 points of Germans and Americans respectively. Nothing is painted so far so no pictures of my models for you.  

Happy gaming!